4 Nauki Avenue Kharkiv, 61022 UKRAINE



The Museum of Kharkiv National Medical University was established in 1968.

In May 1971 he was awarded the title of “National Museum”. The museum building consists of exhibition rooms the size of 120 sq.m. and operating rooms. The total number of museum exhibits as at 01.06.2006 amounts to 4015 copies., Are the main fund – 3600.

Museum exhibitions give the history of the university, which has 200 years, according to the main periods of development. First, it supplies the faculty of the Imperial Kharkiv University (1805-1920 biennium), including a ticket for entrance to university rules for students, the curriculum of medical faculty, medical symbol, the general charter of the University and various certificates, (t . with. punitive book), etc. This section contains materials of the Kharkiv Medical Society and its Women’s Medical University (1910-1920 biennium).

Photos, documents, and some things make it possible to explore the history of Kharkiv Medical Academy (1920-1921 biennium). Particularly well-presented history of the Kharkiv Medical Institute (1921-1994 biennium). Among the exhibits in this section draw attention to pictures of famous professors, their diplomas, books, theses, on the orders of the institute. There are unique documents, which include a letter from the Committee for the Nobel Prize to Professor. Grineva D.P. (1934), to supply a radio certificate signed by M. Curie (1927), Article Yu.Yu. Voronoi on the transplantation of certain organs that preceded him holding the world’s first kidney transplant operation on a man (1933). Many interesting museum exhibits give an idea of the work of HMI during VVII.

In the museum’s exhibits present papers on the participation of physicians in Kharkiv pioneering in the work of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident, the war in Afghanistan. Private booths dedicated today in the life of the university (1994 – nowadays).

The museum takes active and diverse participation in the life of the university. He became a member of the project to create a directory “Museums Medicine and pharmacy in Eastern Europe and republics of the former Soviet Union, on which the Museum of the History of Medicine. Paul Stradina that in Riga, in conjunction with the Institute of History of Medicine. The Karl Zyudhova University of Leipzig.

The museum is a great search work, correspondence with various cities in Ukraine, as well as countries near and far abroad. Museum staff gladly respond to letters or calls to those who have preserved information about the past medical university, its professors and students. Welcome to the tour, which should agree in advance by phone. Hours for the museum tours 9.00-16.00 daily.

Museum of Kharkiv National Medical University (KNMU) in its main building at the address: 61022 Kharkiv, Lenin avenue, 4. Ukraine.

Museum Director – Pepper M. Jeannet.